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The Mazk Touch Lottery Hits Home

   Welcome to The Mazk Touch,
   This is a different breed of web sites, where you can browse around in comfort, no pop-ups(no need for them), get help on your Lottery Games, and add your own Ideas and thoughts.
Since I am using more than one template at this site, you are still in the same Domain (, even if you see different Styles while browsing.
   Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you will have fun winning!

Where the Numbers roam, the Ideas fly, and the Hits happen on daily basis.

The Numbers Chasers


   They are everywhere: at your home, at work, at the Ball game...
And while we take them for granted, use them and abuse them in our daily life; Some of us look at them in a totally different way, Some of us see Patterns, Repeats, Potential Hits and say: I bet you this will come up tonight!
   By definition We are The Numbers Chasers
It is not an obsession that is where the Mathematicians rule,
It is not reading a Tarot Card or gazing at a Crystal Ball: Fortune telling is tempting and fun .
It is simple and not so obvious way to get ahead in the game of chance we call: The Lottery!
Figuring out what is the next number(s) to hit at any given time goes beyond paying a little sum of money to get a lot in return; and although the Human Greed will always play a part in any Gambling venture; For The Numbers Chasers, it is knowing what others Do not, and that little smirk which says: I told you so!

Here is an example:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 on a license plate; it is a registration, part of public records..etc
but for The Numbers Chasers : It is a sequential number that hit in X state at Y times in some form of a Straight or boxed hit, it changes using Mirror Numbers to 6789 OR converted with Mazk Numbers into 8765 which are waiting to drop in that state; If and When the winds of chance ( and Probability) are just right!
There are special Tools you have to use to be a Number Chaser: Practice, Patience, a lot of reading about numbers, some Brain Power and most of all : The Touch !
Do you feel lucky ?
Fasten your seat belt, sharpen your pencil, and let us start; you are going to enjoy this ride:

Learn How to Win

Know How


   Get help with a few aspects of the Lottery that might be strange at first; but they are written to give you a new edge over the Odds of winning, using a different ways of thinking !
   They do take a bit of time to master, but the results will speak for themselves. Those ways are tried and proven by me and others, and I will be adding more to them; time and schedule permitting.

   More Ways are available at The Mazk Touch II

Winning Ways



   This is a growing collection of Spreadsheets in Excel and OpenOffice formats; which are simple to use and produce Hits if you enter the right numbers in them.
   And since very state varies slightly from the other; it is up to you to test them and see if they work for you.
   All you have to do is enter a few Past Draws results, and check the output for Hits!



   The more you read about anything, the more you know;
Lottery is no exeption!

Articles Page
More are Coming soon.

Lottery Software Gallery


   Brand new page on The Mazk Touch, it is window shopping for some, but a few good ones do exsist.
And even thought not all of them are endorsed by The Mazk Touch; it is up to you to do the research on them and hopfully pick yourself a Winner.
Take me There

TMT Lottery Basics

Lottery School

   New to the Lottery and Lottery Games?
This page is for you
   It is Back to school compined with real life examples for the Beginners:
Starting with Pick 3 and not ending with Pick 6....

TMT All-States Picks

   This page contains Lists for All-States Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 numbers, it is updated everyweek.Take me there

The Mazk Touch Toolbar

toolbar powered by Conduit

   Free, Easy to Install, Easy to Uninstall, Private and Secure!
Sounds like a commercial!
I made sure it dose not have any Spyware or Adware built in ( check Privacy ) ,Chat Room is open 24/7,you can add Gadgets to it: To Do's, Calculator, Games ...etc, but the stations on the Radio Player are up to a Vote!
Have you tried my toolbar?

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Why not try your luck with numbers with online roulette or online bingo?
Play on the best online casino now for your chance to win big!



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