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Doubles in the Morning, Doubles in the Evening

Sometimes, it is in plain sight; but we do not SEE it !

   Yes it is there all the times, yes it is there in almost every state :

   It all began when I was writing a spreadsheet that utilizes Pick 3 numbers to get Pick 4 hits ,
Sounds far fetched and out of the ordinary. I agree; we are used to depend on one kind of lottery game and start to analyze it, take it apart and build our prediction on its past results : Pick 3 has to come from Pick 3; Pick 4 numbers must be coming out of Past Pick 4 numbers; hot number ...cold numbers ...all in one game, BUT what if it is all ONE BIG GAME ? What if you can spot a few details and trends that will make you change your mind about: One Game, One results and One set of predictions idea ?

Let us look at recent results from MO :

Jul  24,2008   0-0-4   2-4-1   0-2-5-8   0-5-0-1

Jul  25,2008   8-2-2   9-5-9   7-9-7-6   0-3-5-1

Jul  26,2008   2-6-6   7-7-1   4-8-1-8   6-2-7-3

Jul  27,2008   6-6-0   7-9-1   5-4-5-0   1-5-1-6

Jul  28,2008   0-5-3   1-1-8   4-4-9-7   0-6-7-7

Jul  29,2008   6-8-2   1-8-7   4-8-4-1   3-3-3-7

Jul  30,2008   2-7-3   2-5-3   5-3-0-2   3-0-5-8

Jul  31,2008   1-6-6   9-0-5   2-3-4-9   0-0-6-5

Starting to see some pattern here?

" Doubles in Pick 3; Mid or Eve games might bring on Doubles in Pick 4 ."

How about we visit SC for the same pattern:

Jul  29,2008   7-3-8   0-5-5   8-9-6-2   0-6-4-2

Jul  30,2008   1-3-8   8-2-8   3-6-0-6   2-6-5-3

Jul  31,2008   6-3-6   6-1-8   3-9-9-9   4-0-2-5

Aug  01,2008   8-1-9   9-0-1   4-7-4-7   8-4-3-1

Aug  02,2008   3-7-3   3-4-9   2-3-7-2   6-3-3-7

Wait a minute here, there is more

Go back and take a look again at your state past results; this time keep this new concept in mind :
   You will find that the same double digits in Pick 3 are going to give you the same double digits in Pick 4, or just mirror that Pick 3 double and you get P4.

© 2007-2009 The Mazk Touch

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