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Winning Pick 3

Lottery School

   By now you know your Pick 3 Odds,How to play and How much you can win; and you are exited about winning, it is now a matter of picking your numbers and get your game on!
BUT...Where are you going to start from ?
Keep on reading.. you are going to learn how to start winning with easy steps that will not cost you a lot :

How to use Mirror Numbers

   You might be familiar with Mirror Numbers concept; or you can read about it first at Mirror Numbers Page.
Ready ?
   Depending on which state you play Pick 3 at; you will notice that some of the digits in the number drawn will come back for seconds the NEXT draw over: and the easiest way to find out about your own state Hot Numbers is by looking at the draw history for the whole might spot a lot of 8's or 1' etc, unless you have a program that gives you the statistics for Frequently drawn numbers with a range of 30 draws or more
We will have one of the following :

No Returning Digits

   When this happens; you can use Mirror Numbers for ALL the digits in your pick:

Draw Result   3 - 1 - 5
Your Pick         8 - 6 - 0

One Returning Digit

   You are going to pick ONE digit from the previous drawing and replace the rest with Mirror Numbers:

Draw Result    3 - 1 - 5
Your Pick          3 - 6 - 0

Returning Pair

   This is your Sweet Spot for picking numbers; for it is the most common case, you just pick a Pair to play from the previous draw and mirror the remaining digit in that result:

Draw Result    3 - 1 - 5
Your Pick          3 - 1 - 0

All Digits Return

   It does happen; for the next draw or a couple after ;and your odds of winning by playing the same number again improve to 1 in 500 !
Keep in mind that you are not collecting numbers and adding them to your list or you will end up with a long one, so revise it often, and drop a few

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